I’m allergic to not being awesome

Lately, I’ve been seeing a series of coincidences pop up in my reading.

First, I should explain how I pick what to read. I have some “real” books, but most of my reading is library books on my Kindle. I normally choose to read a “real” book when I don’t have anything on the Kindle. It happens; the library only has so many electronic copies of books, and some that are on my book list they don’t have at all. I would say that at this stage, I read one paper book for every ten e-books.

All of that is to explain that I am normally not picking what to read next. I put a book on hold with the library and when it’s available, I read it. And I go down my “to read” list in alphabetical order to add books to my hold list. There’s a good deal of random chance in what comes up next, in other words.

Not long ago, that random chance resulted in reading three books in a row that were based on the lives of the wives of famous men from the 20’s: Call Me Zelda, The Aviator’s Wife, and The Paris Wife. I bought Call Me Zelda in paper (somewhat local author and all that). The other two came up around the same time on my library list. Weird? I think so.

And it’s just happened again. I just finished Chime and am about halfway through The Light in the Ruins (links below). Why they seem like they have nothing in common, they both feature a very prominent character who is short an extremity. Shiny nubs in both books, in other words.

Coincidence surrounds me. The books are a good example for me because I read so much, but they happen in odd other ways, too. I remember when Wayne and I first met and were going over the getting-to-kn0w-you early facts of our lives up to the age of 41. We had some odd and interesting spatial coincidences. We were in Norfolk at the same time. He was working in the school where I worked for my first job after the Navy. Both of our marriages blew up in hugely dramatic fashions in the same month and year (it’s possible it was the same weekend, if not the same day). We still tend to think and say the same things, but I think that speaks more to our similar personalities than to any cosmic voodoo.

Not that I believe in any such thing as cosmic voodoo. Actually, I am very much on the side of luck for many things. I believe that we can put foundations and boundaries in place that help lead us to luck, and we have to be vigilant to see when luck could happen, but it all still boils down to luck. My current job was posted not long after the drama of endless layoffs at my old job – that part is luck. Having the knowledge, background, and skills to actually get the job, though – that is not luck. That’s preparation.

I suppose it all boils down to luck and coincidence. If I didn’t read book after book, I would not be in a position to see the coincidences in my reading. If my marriage hadn’t ended, I would not have been there when Wayne and I talked about all the times we almost met. But really – is there a difference between luck and coincidence? Aren’t they both just random chance?

Since my last post I:

  • may have gained a granddaughter. My biological daughter had her first baby. I am unsure how I feel about this. It makes me cry, though, so that’s a clue.
  • planned a honeymoon.
  • did very little creating of anything.
  • walked/biked a combined total of 67.25 miles.
  • read Chime (amazing), started The Light in the Ruins, and started re-reading Great Expectations (much better this time around).
  • lost six pounds, which is interesting because I gained two last week so that’s four pounds in two weeks. That’s way too much and unsustainable so I get to eat more!
  • figured out how to build an SCCM collection from an Active Directory group.
  • wrote a chapter in Handsome Prince Stephan
  • built an Amazon Prime playlist: The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Violent Femmes, The Smiths, Joy Division. It is pure 80’s nerd heaven.

Before I post again, I will (or hope to):

  • assist my daughter with recovering from dental surgery. Wish her luck; I am a horrible nurse.
  • actually pull weeds in the tiny garden.
  • eat the first tomatoes from said tiny garden.
  • do something, anything, with yarn.
  • write at least one chapter in either Megan or HPS.
  • talk Wayne into doing the 20 mile ride again. Talk my legs into it, too, while I’m at it.

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