What’s so bad about a four day work week?

Well, besides having to be at work for 10.5 hours a day (there’s a 30 minute lunch break in there you know).

I’m sitting on the bed, next to Wayne. My legs are stretched straight out, allowing me to catch glimpses of my super awesome polka-dotted socks over the top edge of the monitor. My shoulders are resting against the headboard that I covered with black and white fabric to match our bedroom soon after we moved in. My laptop is on my legs, my Kindle is waiting patiently, and I am considering how this weekend should rank on the Karen Scale of Excellent (KSE).

The KSE is newly-created to suit my life. I am occasionally grumpy. Wayne is occasionally short-tempered. We have problems and stresses in our lives just like normal people, believe me. But we’re just a little bet better at dealing with them than is typical. It all comes down to how we communicate, but that’s totally not the point here. The point is that, on any given day, X number of awesome things happen, moving the KSE from good (the norm) through great, terrific, astounding, amazing… all the way to excellent. There’s nothing on the other side of good, by the way. There used to be, but I’ve figured that out. At least for now.

So let’s talk about the weekend, shall we? Starting from the ground-level measure of good, these things happened:

  • We had crabs on Saturday
  • We had fresh, homemade crab cakes today
  • We had silver queen corn
  • I made the best soup I’ve ever made (well except that cream of zucchini soup I made a couple weeks ago)
  • We rode almost thirty-five miles
  • The grand-princess came to visit
  • The weather changed, and there’s a nearly autumnal chill in the air
  • I did a new Leslie Sansone workout with weighted gloves and punches that made me sweat like a pig
  • The sweet baby squirrel was here – I adore her little self
  • We had g’latto and it was awesome

I am winding down. I’m ready for tomorrow – my clothes are laid out (navy skirt with white polka-dots, which seem to be a theme tonight, navy cami under white blouse). My lunch is packed (the previously mentioned soup, a turkey wrap, fresh watermelon – plus a Special K cereal bar and a sugar free applesauce for snacks). I have a plan in mind for the morning (2 mile Leslie walk, smoothie, coffee, nice and hot shower). My ducks are lined up and I like it.

As Wayne leans towards me and The Black Pearl plays on the TV across the room, I am happy, that deep-down and serene sort of happy that means real happiness to me. I would say the KSE has pretty much pegged itself to the far right of excellent.


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