And on that day, no books were discussed

I just wanted to remind everyone that I do more than read. 🙂

I’ve been working on a couple yummy fiber-y things. To whit:

  • A mile-a-minute blanket for a coworker’s soon-to-be-here baby girl (Hobby Lobby Crafter’s Secret – complete and soon to be delivered)
  • A rectangular granny blanket for another soon-to-arrive bundle of awesome (friend of a step-daughter)
  • An ear-warmer a-la the stuff my Mommom always had in her closet (leftover Knit Picks Wool of the Andes superwash, making it up as I go along, lots of frogs & tinks)
  • Socks! Toe up socks with a difference, in Lion brand brown sock yarn (Tuesday Morning FTW), for my sweetie
  • A half-round shawl in some random cotton (again, Tuesday Morning)
  • An infinity scarf in some sparkly cotton-like stuff from Tuesday Morning, finished and for me. I wore it to knitting group last weekend and got fat knitting compliments.
  • A pull-over, sleeveless sweater-vest-thing, sort of based on another pattern and sort of winged.

I’ve been living a lie – I am not as much of a geek as my name implies. Getting pictures of the stuff I take off my iPad and onto Ravelry is kicking my butt. I’ll get some pics uploaded somewhere, eventually, and share them. Like a boss. And whatnot.

And also, Tuesday Morning loves me – I can’t go a week without going there and I can’t leave without at least one skein of something. And Wayne will no longer go there with me, which makes me sad because I love spending time with him but makes me happy because I can spend like an hour thinking about what yarn I really, really need.

And one more thing – unless I’m doing something complicated yarn-wise, I can knit and crochet without looking, which means I can read and make at the same time. I know it sounds like magic, right? It’s not. It does, however, allow me to look like I do 20 times as much in a day as I should be able to. It’s all smoke and mirrors, in other words.


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