Oh wait, is this non-book thing becoming a THING?

Perhaps it is…

First: some random facts:

  • It’s been cold. I’m clumsy. Add those things together and you get ice-slippage, landing on my bum, and several days of back pain. Hopefully I’m past the worst of it.
  • I’ve been spending less time than I like on things that aren’t related to playing silly games on electronic devices. And a corollary fact: Trivia Crack is extraordinarily well named.
  • And oh yeah – I totally got my acceptance letter (OMG OMG OMG). Graduate school? Possible mid-life career change? Looks like it might be happening. (OMG OMG OMG)

As per the norm, I am all but wrapped up in all things fiber. Wayne and I went to the Ocean City Fiber Festival on Saturday (this is pre-slippage). I was a very good fiber-a-holic. I got enough upcycled merino in this crazy awesome pink color to make a Vitamin D. I got some really pretty wool-acrylic blend that’s destined to be a Now in a Minute. There was also some cloud-soft, hand-spun, undyed cotton that I have no plans for but could not leave there. It was $5.00 for 600 yards! I know!

I saw a good portion of my knit-crochet group at the festival, which made me very happy. My favorite pizelle maker even gave Wayne a great big hug! He looked a little like he was on stage and had never seen a script, but he lived through it. Poor guy – since he met me he has pretty much taken up residence outside his comfort zone. He does indeed love me to bits. 🙂

Plans are in the works for a weekend trip rather soon. We’re talking about going to Maryland Sheep and Wool this year (SQUEE!). Tentative plan is to leave here before sunup on Saturday and drive across the Bay to the festival, and then spend most of the day there. When we leave, we’ll drive up to Gettysburg, where we will spend the night and then wander around the battlegrounds on Sunday morning. We’ll drive back home after lunch on Sunday. In case you missed it, that’s a Saturday of fiber and a Sunday of history – two of my very favorite things. I’m wicked excited.

There’s not a lot to report on the actual construction of items made from yarn this week. I finished one small project but I’m going to wait until I try it out to talk about it – maybe next week if I remember to do this again. I have four things in progress: a baby blanket, a sock, a shawl, and a sweater-vest-thingee. I’m planning to whip up a baby hat as soon as I finish the blanket and get them off to their new home soon – hopefully they will have moved on by this weekend. I’m also putting the sock in my travel project bag so it will go places with me and perhaps receive some love. I mean, seriously – it’s a sock, I cast it on like 2 weeks ago. That’s crazy, right?

In case you’re interested, these are the lovely vendors from whom I purchased awesome fiber at the OC Fiber Festival:

I just hope Wayne understands that MSW will be about 1000 times as awesome, so I’ll have to spend a bunch more money. I mean, seriously? It’s MARYLAND SHEEP AND WOOL. I may possibly be more excited about a wool festival than I am about the whole master’s degree thing. Odd, that. 😉


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