High fiber diet, please!

Looks like another post about yarn. Are you too excited to sleep, or what?

First, let’s talk about my quite wonderful husband. He has many good qualities, more than I could even list, and I keep finding new ones. One quality he does not have tons of is patience. The two (maybe three, but definitely not more than three) times I’ve asked him to hold a hank of yarn while I roll it into a ball, well, he’s done it, but not with what I would call grace or pleasure. It’s more like sighing and eye-rolling. Of course that makes me laugh, but I do my best to stuff it down because I really want his help.

I told you we went to the OC Fiber Festival but I’m not sure I mentioned that I came home with six hanks and two skeins of yarn. Two of the hanks were 600 yards. He stared at them lined up on the kitchen table and got a look in his eye that I think a bear would have just as it feels the trap closing on its foot. And then we did some shopping on Amazon….


Yep, that’s an umbrella swift (from KnitPicks) and a ball winder. And, of course, coffee. I caked up all that yarn, thousands of yards of it, in an afternoon. And rather than the oh crap what have I agreed to and is it too late to run look on my sweet husband’s face, I had him jumping in to help with tensioning and loading the swift. I say that’s a win-win-WIN situation!

Projects have progressed, mostly forward. Here’s the finished blanket I made for K*, a friend of one of my step-daughters:

IMG_0108.JPG IMG_0110.JPG

I used a modification of this tutorial from Bob Wilson, basically just making it wider and shorter.

I also threw together a wee hat from this pattern (with some minor mods):


Isn’t it cool how the colors pooled into those jiggly stripes? The pompom was a last minute thing. I squee’ed at it but doubt I’ll do it again; I’m just not sure how washable it will be. Both the hat and the blanket have been stuck in a gift bag and sent via sneaker-net to the mama-to-be.

On the in-progress front, I got a few more rows done on the thing I am calling Vest-ish, because it’s kind of like a vest. Here’s a progress shot for you:

IMG_0111.JPGThere’s a section of 1X1 twisted rib between the 2-color and solid black sections. The solid black is looser and sort of flowy by comparison. I’m going for something along the lines of an empire-waist and am aiming for approximately mid-hip for the length. I started from this pattern but veered off when I ran out of the lavender.

We finally did a test-fit of the socks that stalled and discovered (again) why we need to check gauge. It looked like Wayne had his toes stuck in a brown paper bag, they were so loose. I’ve frogged and restarted and am going to go with the organic try-as-I-go method that I used when I made my son’s slipper socks for Christmas. I’ll have to take notes so both socks come out the same (ugh! I hate stopping my flow to take notes!).

The final on-the-needles project is the half-round shawl I started a couple weeks ago because I thought it suited the mostly cotton yarn I picked up at Tuesday Morning. I’ve told myself that I must make serious progress on the three current projects before I start something new. I do really want to throw together a pair of fingerless gloves for Wayne and some mittens for me, but I am being good. Plus winter will be all gone soon and the urge for mittens should pass with it. Right?

If you wanna be friends, you’ll find me on Ravelry as TheKnitGeek. Send me a friend request so I can look at your awesomeness and give me a reason to waste even more time on there!


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