Yarnaholics anonymous

Next week is Spring Break – the students are off the whole week, and faculty/staff is off Monday – Wednesday. I plan to play little housewife on Tuesday and Wednesday, but Monday will be something totally different.

There are three LYSs (local yearn shops) within driving distance of our house. One is 47 miles south, the second is 25 miles to the east, and the third is 47 miles northeast. The southern one is closed on Mondays, which is actually good for my plan. I’m going to leave my house and go to A Little Bit Sheepish and then from there Kitschy Stitch. What’s super cool is that my parents’ house will then be on my way back home so I can stop there and drop off Mom’s birthday card. Yarn, LYS visits, and Mom and Dad hugs all in the same day! Doesn’t that sound just marvelous?

I’m not planning to buy anything but I’m sure the yarn will call to me in its siren voice and I will be hooked (pun totally intended). I think a skein or two of something soft and lovely would be just fine, don’t you?

And on a related subject, the reservations are made for the weekend of MSW. We’re starting out in Gettysburg on Saturday and then fibering it all up on Sunday. It’s going to be just fantastic, I know it. Plus it’s been a while since the hubs and I have gone away and it will be good to stretch our proverbial wings and see something new.

And I’m pretty sure that knit-crochet group is meeting this Sunday, even though I haven’t gotten the email. I’m guessing that the lack of email is attributable to a user issue, and I intend to assist with that the next time I see our emailer. I’m not a tech for nothing, y’all!

Recent projects:


  • My version of rabbid
  • Some Easter eggs (sorry no pics)

Still working on:

On desk:


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