All the yarn belong to me

Folks, I went a a bit of a shopping spree and might have over-bought yarn. Wait – is that even possible? Probably. I don’t know.

It’s the evening of the end of my Spring Break. I’ve accomplished housework, going to the gym, visiting my mom, reading some books (more on that in this week’s book reviews), and paying a couple really sweet local vendors’ car payments. I’m a giver, what can I say?

First there was A Little Bit Sheepish, where I got a prezzy for my mom: eight skeins of Plymouth Encore in assorted colors and an Addi crochet hook (F, my favorite). I didn’t take any pictures, sorry. I also got a little something for me there, too: one ball of Lana Gatto Feeling (70% merino, 20% silk, 10% cashmere – 100% AWESOME) in pink (the color is a number) and a hank of Shepherd’s Wool in Misty Blue.

Next there was Victorian Charm, where I picked up some gloves on clearance (next Christmas already in the works!) and Very Bradley wallet and ID case that are so fabulously preppy that they make visions of argyle dance through my head. They don’t exactly match my new Kavu purse. I don’t exactly care – I am in love with all of them. So there.

Love, right? Image credit


Sure, I don’t match, but aren’t I cute? Image credit

Then it was on to Kitshy Stitch, after a water-gas-coffee-sammy stop, where even more yarn just decided it needed to come home with me. I got a hank of Malabrigo worsted in sapphire green and two hanks of Cascade 220 sport in navy and light blue.

My final shopping spree stop was Candy Kitchen so I could hook my parentals up with a box of Pony Tails (saltwater taffy). There may have also been some 50% off Valentine’s day candy corn – I can neither confirm nor deny that part.


All my lovely yarns. There’s a ball of Knit Picks Chroma in the middle.

The shopping spree was wicked, wicked fun. And did I mention that a Knit Picks box came in the mail like two days before? It contained two balls of Chroma in Avalon and a big old pile of Wool of the Andes superwash. I’m up to my ears in really, really nice yarn, y’all. I haven’t even touched the stuff from the OC Fiber Festival yet and more keeps rolling in! It’s getting to the point where Wayne has suggested creating me some sort of yarn storage system. I think I just need to knit/crochet more. He’s probably got the better plan.

I’ve been working on Easter goodies lately. My big projects – the vest-ish and the half-circle shawl – get a couple rows here and there but it’s been mostly amigarumi for the past couple weeks. I’m having fun, which I think is a big part of why I do all of this. And I’m using Meemaw’s yarn, which makes me very happy.


It’s back to work tomorrow. I might spend at least part of the day dreaming about what to do with all of my lovely new yarn. 🙂


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