…when a middle aged woman’s heart turns to mush, apparently.

I am feeling introspective and am not setting out on this little writing journey with plans to talk books or yarn. Either or both may come up, but my brain is really elsewhere.

I feel as if I am always busy, but when I actually think about it, I spend hours immersed in books (okay that was fast) and while reading is more than fundamental, it lacks a certain feel of activity. Unless I am reading in a sauna, which I don’t think would be a great idea for either paper or electronic books, reading tends to be a sweat-free sport. And it produces nothing that is physically recognizable or practically useful. In other words, it could be a great waste of time.

At the same time, I am finding myself nearing addiction to random Facebook games. How on earth does this happen to me? How do I let myself waste hours in what is really useless and non-productive? I worry about this often. I would be better off watching television, which I really don’t do, not much at any rate. Maybe an hour or two a week and always with a project in hand being actively worked, so that time is not wasted. But the stupid games? Stupid. Useless. And I am not sure how to stop doing it. And I must, like now, for my own peace of mind among a host of other reasons, like my kitchen floor and my lonely iron and the front stoop that is home to a bazillion helicopters, those lovely gifts from our friends the maple trees.

So how do I do it? I’m not ready to ax Facebook altogether, it is an easy way to keep up with my family. I am not fond of talking on the phone at all, I prefer a lack of noise, typically, and therefore love electronic communication. I also really love looking at people’s babies and kittens and puppies. Do I figure out some other method of communication (can you still buy stationery sets?) and just delete my Facebook? I think instead that I am going to try something a little more surgically precise – blocking and removing games. As they come up, I’ll block them. And if that doesn’t work, I’ll have to move on to something bigger and bolder. Perhaps I can convince my mom and friends to go to MySpace, where the temptation will be much lower. Does MySpace even still exist?

If I remember (note the bit about the mush brain, above), I’ll follow up and let you know if this little excision works. If it does, I will get a whole lot more reading done. Or maybe I should just plan to read again in October.

Speaking of reading, which I do, a lot, there are two nearly-finished books calling my name. The windows are open, birds are singing outside, the ceiling fan is stirring the air. My little living room is (mostly) clean and my books are close at hand, so what am I waiting for?

Until next time… play a round for me!


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