Oh wait, is this non-book thing becoming a THING?

Perhaps it is…

First: some random facts:

  • It’s been cold. I’m clumsy. Add those things together and you get ice-slippage, landing on my bum, and several days of back pain. Hopefully I’m past the worst of it.
  • I’ve been spending less time than I like on things that aren’t related to playing silly games on electronic devices. And a corollary fact: Trivia Crack is extraordinarily well named.
  • And oh yeah – I totally¬†got my acceptance letter (OMG OMG OMG). Graduate school? Possible mid-life career change? Looks like it might be happening. (OMG OMG OMG)

As per the norm, I am all but wrapped up in all things fiber. Wayne and I went to the Ocean City Fiber Festival on Saturday (this is pre-slippage). I was a very good fiber-a-holic. I got enough upcycled merino in this crazy awesome pink color to make a Vitamin D. I got some really pretty wool-acrylic blend that’s destined to be a Now in a Minute. There was also some cloud-soft, hand-spun, undyed cotton that I have no plans for but could not leave there. It was $5.00 for 600 yards! I know!

I saw a good portion of my knit-crochet group at the festival, which made me very happy. My favorite pizelle maker even gave Wayne a great big hug! He looked a little like he was on stage and had never seen a script, but he lived through it. Poor guy – since he met me he has pretty much taken up residence outside his comfort zone. He does indeed love me to bits. ūüôā

Plans are in the works for a weekend trip rather soon. We’re talking about going to Maryland Sheep and Wool this year (SQUEE!). Tentative plan is to leave here before sunup on Saturday and drive across the Bay to the festival, and then spend most of the day there. When we leave, we’ll drive up to Gettysburg, where we will spend the night and then wander around the battlegrounds on Sunday morning. We’ll drive back home after lunch on Sunday. In case you missed it, that’s a Saturday of fiber and a Sunday of history – two of my very favorite things. I’m wicked excited.

There’s not a lot to report on the actual construction of items made from yarn this week. I finished one small project but I’m going to wait until I try it out to talk about it – maybe next week if I remember to do this again. I have four things in progress: a baby blanket, a sock, a shawl, and a sweater-vest-thingee. I’m planning to whip up a baby hat as soon as I finish the blanket and get them off to their new home soon – hopefully they will have moved on by this weekend. I’m also putting the sock in my travel project bag so it will go places with me and perhaps receive some love. I mean, seriously – it’s a sock, I cast it on like 2 weeks ago. That’s crazy, right?

In case you’re interested, these are the lovely vendors from whom I purchased awesome¬†fiber at the OC Fiber Festival:

I just hope Wayne understands that MSW will be about 1000 times as awesome, so I’ll have to spend a bunch more money. I mean, seriously? It’s MARYLAND SHEEP AND WOOL. I may possibly be more excited about a wool festival than I am about the whole master’s degree thing. Odd, that. ūüėČ


And on that day, no books were discussed

I just wanted to remind everyone that I do more than read. ūüôā

I’ve been working on a couple yummy fiber-y things. To whit:

  • A mile-a-minute blanket for a coworker’s soon-to-be-here baby girl (Hobby Lobby Crafter’s Secret – complete and soon to be delivered)
  • A rectangular granny blanket for another soon-to-arrive bundle of awesome (friend of a step-daughter)
  • An ear-warmer a-la the stuff my Mommom always had in her closet (leftover Knit Picks Wool of the Andes superwash, making it up as I go along, lots of frogs & tinks)
  • Socks! Toe up socks with a difference, in Lion brand brown sock yarn (Tuesday Morning FTW), for my sweetie
  • A half-round shawl in some random cotton (again, Tuesday Morning)
  • An infinity scarf in some sparkly cotton-like stuff from Tuesday Morning, finished and for me. I wore it to knitting group last weekend and got fat knitting compliments.
  • A pull-over, sleeveless sweater-vest-thing, sort of based on another pattern and sort of winged.

I’ve been living a lie – I am not as much of a geek as my name implies. Getting pictures of the stuff I take off¬†my iPad and onto Ravelry is kicking my butt. I’ll get some pics uploaded somewhere, eventually, and share them. Like a boss. And whatnot.

And also, Tuesday Morning loves¬†me – I can’t go a week without going there and I can’t leave without at least one skein of something. And Wayne will no longer go there with me, which makes me sad because I love spending time with him but makes me happy because I can spend like¬†an hour thinking about what yarn I really, really need.

And one more thing – unless I’m doing something complicated yarn-wise, I can knit and crochet without looking, which means I can read and make at the same time. I know it sounds like magic, right? It’s not. It does, however, allow me to look like I do 20 times as much in a day as I should be able to. It’s all smoke and mirrors, in other words.

Knitting group!

I’ve been strongly encouraged by my dear and loving husband to get out of the house more. I was fighting it, let me tell you. There is little I like more than curling up on the couch with a book and my knitting (super easy if the book is on the Kindle) for an evening. But then…

A couple months ago, I talked Wayne into joining me at a program at the library. He was miserable but he hid it well and did it for me. I, however, felt that I had found my people. The lady sitting next to me commented on my knitting and asked if I was part of the knitting group that meets at the library. I said no, but the question sort of layered itself on top of Wayne’s encouragements and I thought¬†this might be the thing. I could knit with others, right? Surely the knitting would not suffer from being done at the library?

Well yesterday, I went. And I am over the moon! I thought the book people were my people; I was wrong. The¬†knitters are my people (to be clear, it’s a knit and crochet group – I don’t want to denigrate any of my fellow fiberistas!). They welcomed me with open arms. About two minutes after I sat down, I felt as if I’d been hanging out with those women for months. The stories! The yarn! The patterns! The jokes!

The pizelles!

I copied down the address for the next meeting. I put it on my calendar. I squeed and shook hands and barely restrained myself from hugging every one one them. I’m a hugger, what can I say? But even I know better than to hug people I met two hours earlier. I’m saving that for next time.

This morning, I woke early and refreshed, still feeling a bit of the warm-and-fuzziness from yesterday. I did some yoga and a bit of meditation.¬†I wrote in my journal. And then I went upstairs, pulled out the plastic tub that holds my yarn stash, sorted, and dreamed. Noel followed me up and sat on a box across the room, watching me and making the little cheep-purr noise that she makes to remind us that she’s there and happy. I re-rolled balls¬†and¬†thought about what I want to make next (a pair of toe-up socks, a pencil skirt made from granny squares, a toy for Breccan, baby booties, fingerless gloves – all of them at once!).

Sometimes I just need to feel my fingers plunging into yarn, what can I say?

I closed up the tub and put it in a new spot; front and center so I can see all that yummy yarn waiting to be made into beautiful and warm things. I picked Noel up (she butted her nose against my chin – kitteh kisses), and carried her downstairs. I got ready for work, feeling this wonderful combination of excitement and calm, sort of like I have my feet so well grounded that my head is able to go exploring.¬†I’m catching myself smiling, thinking about the yarn, the knitting group, and how smart my husband is. Life really is good.